Chord of the Day #1 – D/F#

Here’s a first edition of something I’m calling ‘Chord of the Day’. In this series you’ll find a short, absorbable lesson that highlights a particular chord you can use to improve your playing. For week one, I chose D/F# – everyone will find this useful. #intermediate #chordoftheday #intermediateguitar #beginnerguitar #guitarlessons #onlineguitarlessons


Join a Music Lab

If you are a talented amateur, even just a beginner, you can join my Musician’s Collective Music Lab. It’s a drop-in situation, no need to commit for a long series, just come and play music with other like-minded musicians. Check it out on Meetup.com! NYC Musician’s Collective Music Lab

Music Workshops

In 2023 I’ll be hosting regular music workshops on Thursdays and Fridays. Anyone with a modicum of musical ability (i.e. you can “play some”!) is welcome to attend – please reach out to join in on the fun and meet new friends.