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  • As a musician and performer:
    • Guitarist – fluent in many idioms, most notably rock, blues, jazz and related styles, as well as funk, soul, latin, folk and country music. Reads music. AFM member.
    • Vocalist – lead and harmony vocals suited to rock, blues, jazz, folk, country styles.
    • Teacher – long-time music instructor with many success stories. Lessons available virtually or in person, on guitar and bass, as well as music theory grounded in jazz harmony.
    • Transcriptions – music notation only (no tab).
    • Music Notation using Finale – 20+ years experience with Finale.
    • Actor – 10 years experience acting in professional productions.
  • As a producer and technical specialist:
    • Audio engineering, editing, mixing, mastering – expert with Cubase, SoundForge, Waves, more.
    • Video capture – capture your live event with multiple mobile cameras
    • Video editing – fluent in Cyberlink PowerDirector
    • Audio Media transfer – cassette, reel-to-reel, vinyl to audio CD or digital files using pro-level analog-to-digital conversion hardware.
    • Video Media transfer – VHS, 8mm, DVD transferred to your choice of formats