Let me blend audio and video to make your band look amazing! E-Vibes Audio & Video Productions will create clips that capture your production at its best. Please contact via e.vibes.prod@gmail.com to inquire about these services.


Colin offers expertise in live and studio sound activities. Services offered include:

  • On location audio capture – Record your live event in multitrack format for mixdown in a studio. Deliver those tracks to a 3rd party or client, or provide post-event mixdown services.
  • Mixdown – Mix recorded tracks and produce a high-quality audio product suitable for any further use (i.e. social media, final release mastering, etc). The product can be delivered in any format you choose.
  • Live sound – Provide and operate live audio equipment for small and mid-sized music events.
  • Transfer your audio to digital from vinyl, cassette or reel to reel sources
  • Provide A2 services to professional production companies
  • Any other needs


  • Capture multi-camera footage of your live event.
  • Combine and synchronize footage from multiple cameras with camera and external audio to create live show video, social media content, etc.
  • Transfer your video to digital from VHS or Hi-8 video tape.

Recent Clients

  • The Golden Cage (off-Broadway @ Theatre Row) – Live audio mixing
  • Ocean In A Teacup (off-Broadway @ Theatre Row) – Live audio mixing
  • Fire Island (off-Broadway @ Theatre Row) – Live audio mixing, sample triggering
  • Stonewall Chorale – live audio mixing, multitrack recording, video capture and post-production
  • Melodia Chorus – live audio mixing, video capture and post-production
  • Wizard Studios NYC – various audio production activities in Manhattan
  • The Jambaritos (rock band) – live audio set up and mixing, onsite audio and video capture
  • Private client (rock band) – live audio set up and mixing, onsite recording